POS/POP accessories

Manufacturer of POS/POP materials.

The abbreviations POS/POP come from the English words Point Of Sale/Point Of Purchase and stand for sales support materials and tools. The production of POS materials has been our company speciality for over 20 years. We offer thoughtful design and perfect execution.

A wide range of POS accessories at attractive prices.

We produce various types of POS materials. Taking into account the destination we offer:

  • basic advertising material: leaflets, posters, brochures, banners, wrappers, stickers, etc,
  • Standing POS materials: product and leaflet racks, shelves, posters, roll-ups, displays, product mock-ups, promotional islands, stands and kiosks to be constructed not only in the shop but also at fairs, exhibitions, conferences, etc,
  • hanging materials hangtags, advertising flags, 3D lettering,
  • POS materials for shelves: wobblers (nods), shelfstoppers, toppers.