Large format printouts

By using of solvent and UV technologies in the field of production, we offer printouts in unlimited format.
We print on banner materials, mesh’s grids, billboard papers, foils, papier and other materials , furniture boards, MDF, glass, ceramic plates, metals, canvas etc.

We guarantee high resistance to UV radiation, mechanical damage, abrasion and various atmospheric conditions.
Additionally, we secure the prints with a laminate.

Label printing

We offer high quality prints thanks to the use of the latest Memjet technologies. We are able to print on many types of
materials, including matt and glossy coated papers and films.

We can create exactly the same, ordered labels while maintaining excellent print quality.


Thermoforming technology is very attractive for advertising needs due to the visual qualities of the products and relatively low production costs.
It is a great alternative toexpensive injection technology.

Our production is used not only for the needs of advertising agencies, but also for various industries Such as housing,moldings, packaging.

UV Print

With the latest UV printing technology, we offer printouts in the highest resolution on soft and rigid materials. We use the Océ
Arizona 350 GT, for white and roll printing.

UV-cured inks and Océ Varia Dot imaging technology, allows to print photographic quality, reproducing even the smallest details with the perfect color reflection

POS/POP accessories

For over 20 years we have been specializing in the design and production of POS/ POP materials supporting sales: product and leaflet racks, shelves, backlit advertising, trip posts, mock-up products, stickers, banners, posters, pallet wrappers, promotional stands and more.