Ploter Océ Arizona 350 GT

The machine with the option of printing in white and roll printing.
Océ VariaDot imaging technology guarantees perfect, photographic image quality and perfectly legible text, allowing to apply the print directly to any flat surface (Such as paper, foil, canvas, plastics, metal, wood, glass, etc.)

Ploter Zund G3

One of the most modern cutting and milling plotters on the market alllowing to cut and mill any shape in any material.


Automatic CNC milling center InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS – advanced milling plotter – precise and efficient. The machine is designed for 2D, 3D milling of various materials with particular consideration of materials such as: composites, plexiglass, dibond, tubond, PVC, ABS, Teflon, polyamide, LAB, PRO LAB, korian, aluminum, brass, mdf, hdf, chipboard, plywood, solid wood and
other wood-based materials

Dimensions of the machine working field are X: 2100mm Y: 3100mm Z: 500mm

Vacuum thermoforming
TF Millenium 350 Plus

Forms elements with a maximum size of 1500 × 2500 mm creating the desired shape of the advertisement.

Powder painting

For painting metal objects with powder paints.

Label printer

Print on all ink-jet substrates for printing with aqueous inks.
Used for:

  • tagged labels (gap sensor)
  • continuous substrates (paper, foil roll)
  • black branded substrate (black mark sensor)

Our own locksmith

We have a fully equipped production hall adapted to work with steel, aluminum and other materials.

Bending machines

Bending machine works well both when bending plexiglass and harder aterials such as HIPS, PVC, polycarbonate. Thanks to the development of our plastics processing department we are able to make complicated designs.

Our bending machines are used in the production of such elements as:

  • leaflet stands,
  • business cards,,
  • displays,
  • menu racks,
  • trip posts,
  • coasters
  • elements of interior design and trade stands
  • cases

Saws to material cutting

Lasers for plastics

We provide cutting and engraving services.
We use fiber optic lasers, so we can mark a whole range of commercially used plastics, such as polycarbonates, ABS polyamides and many more. This process is fast and provides a high quality trimming.