Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit)

Napisał: admin | 7 kw. 2015

This is the future of architecture. Or, at least, it’s one of the many provocative glimpses Marc Kushner, co-founder of design studio HWKN and the well-known…

Saje and Take Care of You

Napisał: admin | 7 kw. 2015

Five years later, that show, “Bad Dads,” has blossomed into an annual event hosted at Spoke. Wes Anderson himself even commissioned one of its contributors,Richard…

Expressions in Art

Napisał: admin | 7 kw. 2015

Sometimes you need to  break the rules. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a legendary rule-breaker, and his discordance with photography’s stymied role in culture changed the medium forever….

Steinway’s New Piano

Napisał: admin | 6 kw. 2015

THE BLACK AND white keys move so fast it’s hard to tell if Jenny Lin is even touching them. Lin, a classical pianist known for…